Tango, as a unique manifestation in the world, is an outstanding, authentic and genuine expression of a culture that needs to be embraced.


Psicotango is based on ideas such as tango is a social, community, gregarious dance. Born to unite human beings. It has codes and rites necessary for that set to be healthy, strengthen, learn one of the others. Provides additional training with respect to the pure techniques of dance; such as its beneficial effects in oneself, in the couple and in the group. Tango is the metaphor of life itself. Knowing us we will realize our Cracks and we will dance life better. Nobody can be alone, it's clear in each step of this dance.

Psicotango is a therapeutic tool from the social, psychic and biological. It is about to put the body and learn to listen to it. The theory opens our heads, the body will make you understand life.

All the exercises will take us for that path.

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Monica Peri

Monica Peri

Monica Peri, milonguera, journalist and broadcaster. Degree in psychology. He has published stories on Page 12 and in the magazine El Planeta Urbano. Member of the Dinzel Group. Writer and Researcher of Tango and its relationship with Psychoanalysis. Coordinator of Meetings and Seminars of Psicotango. He was born in Bahía Blanca and currently lives in Buenos Aires, in a Casona del Abasto neighborhood of Tango.
Ignacio Lavalle

Ignacio Lavalle

Born in Bs. As. He obtained a degree in Psychology (UBA) and then made a master's degree in Analytical Psychology, Fundación C.G. Jung of PA. He is a writer and researcher of the effects of tango-dance. He studied tango since 2002 in various schools to stay in the Dinzel. He coordinates tango workshops in public hospitals with the aim of achieving therapeutic effects, as well as meetings of Psychotango. He is also a professor of Tai-Chi-Chuan and integrates both disciplines.

Tango, a passion that heals

Documental Primer Premio Festival Internacional en Zarate


Psicotango en la Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA)


I liked the seminar a lot, especially it moved me a lot. Yesterday I wanted to tell some of my tango partners the experience, and I realized that I did not find many words, and that intellectually I did not leave much, but I did feel a very mobilized energy within me.


I really want to thank Monica Peri, my teacher of psychotango for his lessons; they were particularly of aido for me and my lifetime. Before meeting her and taking part in the psychotango seminar, I passed to think about some aspects of my life and my character is not very deeply.

Paola Marabini

Psicotango a container and comfortable space where dancing tango is possible from the primary integrity of the dance ritual, to the ancestral cultural aspects of our most traditional tango and the incorporation of recent modern contemporary aspects, giving us the possibility of recrossing the myth and the own perception of the cultural roles and conducts through the analysis of the nature and circumstance of the movement experiencing the dance and allowing the Tango dance form to emerge.

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